It is necessary for different companies to have a definite infrastructure for meeting their IT needs and there is a definite cost involved on a continual basis. Most of the small and medium scale companies find it difficult to invest in IT by allocating a part of their income in setting it up.

Cloud Computing Technology has paved a way for many such companies to resort to offshore development and virtual working with the help of a remote setup or a cloud setup which could be accessed from varied locations across the world. Cloud Computing Services has been in the news lately since it now boasts of a 10.2 percent rise in spending on external IT services in recent years. Most Cloud Computing Application Development companies are willing to have a part of their services being hosted on the cloud since the expenditure on the IT infrastructure is getting costlier than ever.

Here are some of the advantages of cloud computing for a typical company

There is absolutely no need for high performance computers for all users since the basic software and hardware is targeted here rather than disk space.

Computers in a cloud computing setup boast of good performance there are no extra resources and programs which can bring the performance down.

Low costs are inevitable since cloud computing helps out companies to invest in something which is related to their core business rather than in IT. An efficient cloud infrastructure setup is capable of delivering high performance at low costs.

Maintenance will not be the headache of the vendor since cloud computing helps companies to bring down the overall costs.

Lower Software Costs and Upgrades are a given since most of them are available licenses while upgrades are relatively cheaper too

Unlimited Storage Capacity is a huge plus point for cloud computing

Increased Data Safety and security with a good cloud computing setup helps in lowering data storage problems since information losses are rare in such cases

Easy document collaboration is one of the best aspects of cloud computing

The Cloud Computing Services model is essential for the decommissioning of servers and its location independent features are helpful to set up operations in remote locations.

One can even provide comprehensive LAMP services through the cloud computing setup. Open source technologies are vouched by many and all vendors would be keen to utilize cloud computing for hosting LAMP applications. The cloud can help to document deployment steps and even setup test configuration for checking errors and bugs. The cloud is helpful for innovation and it is easy to weed out performance problems. Evaluation tests can be conducted quite easily too.

Cloud computing and Cloud web Apps are needed by companies who house PHP applications in internal servers whereas the cloud is cheaper to host. It is easy to replicate the user’s environment along with the tests that need to be conducted. Developers can build on existing skills for cloud implementation and make use of AWs or Rackspace for cloud computing purposes.

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