They come, they surf, they leave. That’s in short, how most online users, visiting an ecommerce website, behave. If you are into ecommerce business, then you would know the hardship of converting visitors into regular customers. You have done everything to successfully drive more traffic to your website, right from effective SEO strategies to extensive social media campaigns. But, to make them keep coming back to the site, still remains a daunting challenge. This is where, email marketing comes to your rescue.

Emails prove to be an excellent example of the adage ‘old is gold’. Though the digital world today is full of social networking sites to connect with customers, emails continue to be the one providing maximum ROI according to many studies. They establish a relationship with customers, promote your brand, drive more traffic to the website and increase the rate of conversion.

Here’s how email marketing plays a key role in ecommerce business.

Builds a relationship

Sending emails to subscribers help you connect with them on a personal level. The customers feel that more effort is being put to stay in touch with them. Sending an email of gratitude when a customer subscribes to your mailing list, makes them feel welcomed and imparts a sense of belonging. In-case, there is absence of action from customers since a long time, sending an email of remembrance could make them feel as if an old friend is trying to catch up with them. Providing them with discount coupons can potentially draw them into visiting your site again.

Updates Subscribers

Through emails you can keep your customers updated about your business. They are a great source of informing subscribers about the latest happenings in your niche. A new product can be effectively promoted via emails. Emails urging to check out your newest commodity on stands can prove to be a successful strategy of marketing.

Drives traffic

With email marketing, significant traffic can be driven to your website. Sending emails can result into more people visiting your site and thereby increasing your visibility. This, in turn, can effectively raise the rate of conversion. A skilfully scripted email draws customers attention, leaving them wanting to know more.

Provides information on the go

With smart-phones becoming the new sensation in recent years, people are carrying their inbox everywhere. Be it while standing in a long queue or while travelling through public transport, people tend to spend this time by going through their emails. Thus, emails help customers stay updated about your business whenever and wherever they go. This has taken email marketing to another level.
We can safely conclude that emailing or email marketing is one of the top strategies when it comes to online marketing strategies. Not only does it help engage with your customers but also initiates sales on a large scale. Adopt this strategy and you’ll soon find yourself to be a pro in generating leads.

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