Mathematics is one of the most dreaded subjects among the student community. Being compulsory in the board exam, it cannot be avoided. Mathematics is not only important in the board exams but it is very important for the competitive examinations too. Students often perceive the subject as complex. But, hey this is the subject that can fetch you a perfect score. Just think that getting full marks in a subject can raise your percentage too. So, instead of avoiding the subject try and befriend it.

Here are some tips on how can you master the subject.
Theory – You must be thinking that there is no theory in the subject. But the truth is there are various terms and definitions, and theorems etc. which you need to learn to solve the problems. Not understanding the basic terminologies may create confusion and you may end up losing marks. So, go through the text thoroughly and try to understand them. Topics like geometry are completely based on theorems. Make a separate notebook of all the important theorems so that you can revise them easily at any time. Sometimes you are asked to prove the theorem itself in the exams.

Formulae – If you know and understand the formulae, then your half job is already done. Mathematics is all about formulae and using them to solve different problems. Remembering the formula will help to solve the problem easily and in lesser time. They also improve and make the calculations easy.
Books – Solve all the problems given in your textbook. The textbooks cover the entire syllabus. Make sure that you have solved the textbook and all its questions, be it in exercise or as an example. Once you are done with your NCERT book you can switch to some good reference books and solve those questions which are in your syllabus. These books have a diverse range of questions that will help you to gain expertise.

Online – You can look up for the ncert math book for class 10 with solutions. The pdf file for the textbooks along with the solutions are available online on different educational websites. They give you a step-by-step procedure of the solutions and will help you to understand the concept well. You can try solving the additional questions given on these sites to enhance your knowledge. The online portals also provide previous year solved papers. Some websites even provide a list of important formulae and theorem to make the study easy.

Board papers – Solve the previous year papers to know the pattern and types of questions asked. Solve the last 5-year papers to understand which type of questions is asked. Set a timer and try to solve the paper in the stipulated time just like in the exams. This way you will learn speed and accuracy.

Practice – Mathematics is all about practice. The more you practice the better you get at it. Try to solve different types of questions for the same concept. Try to cover and solve all the questions given in the textbook completely.

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