We all know that various changes in technology are always better for us as they provide us a chance to simplify our life till next level, but still using or accepting these new changes without checking them out on personal level would be a wrong decision to go along with. As this way we might end up with a wrong decision or a wrong option for a pretty longer period.

For example there are various options which are available when we think of purchasing an air conditioner, but what we do is make a purchase without giving it much of a thought and then end up regretting the same. Whereas the better technique is to know about all the various which are provided and then find a perfect one for our self. But not to worry as we have planned to provide you few articles which will help you in understanding all these various air conditioners better.

To start with in this particular discussion we’ll check out all the various points which can explain the difference in between a window ac and split air conditioner system. You may have not noticed it earlier but there are few areas where it’s almost impossible to install a window ac and in same manner there are few places where slit ac turn up as a better, in fact a best decision. Thence it’s important that we be aware of all the various facts which can help in knowing these various products better.

One of the major differences in between these two is that, various split air conditioners in market are provided with two different units which work only when these two are joined together. Whereas in case of various windows ac’s like Voltas window ac’s you’ll be provided with only one unit which contains all starting from compressors, motors till the connecting pipes.

Next point of differentiation talks about installation – for installing a window ac you have to have a window were you can position the same or else you have to go through some serious constructional changes in your wall to adjust the same. Whereas in case of split air conditioners there is no such requirements. In fact same can be easily fixed wherever you want be it on floor on wall or on ceiling.

Technical help – window ac’s might seem to be small but to install these you definitely require technical help, whereas in case of split one you can easily complete the task after checking out few tips from the internet.

Lastly consumption of energy – because split ac’s are provided with latest technology the level of electricity they consume is much lesser comparing to window one.

So now after all these various points mentioned above, I am pretty sure that you are aware of basic different in between a split ac and a window air conditioner, which would definitely help you in making a sensible purchase.


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