Your goal to create Android apps should not stop with their creation. Your success in the competitive app design and development industry demands follow-through from the creation to the acceleration phases.

You will find that the acceleration phase is the most challenging because of the abundance of both opportunities for success and risks for failure. Your app starts to gain traction and gain more users, known as the tipping point, but you can also make several mistakes that will derail your business plans.

Here are a few ideas that you can maximize the gains during the acceleration phase. In many of these tips, you should have a reliable mobile app builder like Andromo on hand especially as innovation is a must to stay on top of the game. With Andromo, you have a free Android app builder with all the essential features and functions to create your own web and mobile app, either from scratch or from your existing website.

Be Featured on Major App Stores

Getting a prominent position on the front pages of Google Play and Amazon – or at the very least, on their category pages – is a common goal among app developers. This is because being featured on these major app stores will give a considerable boost to your app’s exposure and, thus, to your number of app downloads.

But there’s a catch to the strategy – Google’s Play Store’s editorial team will only choose the best apps to be featured on the site; app developers cannot choose to be featured here. Fortunately, you can boost your chances of being featured by adhering to Android’s best practices in design, which will also generate positive reviews from your users.

Be Quick to Respond to User Feedback

Your users are your bread and butter so it makes sense to listen and respond to their feedback, inputs and complaints about your app. Your main concern should be fixing bugs in your app as quickly and effectively as possible although you should also pay attention to other matters, such as the user interface.

You should be open-minded about the bugs that come to your attention. You may think that fixing the bugs in your app has little to do with marketing your app but this is not so. Your frustrated users will likely be unforgiving in their app reviews because of unaddressed bugs but will also be delighted when you fix them – and they will spread the word about your app.

You may also want to license your app to a major publishing house. This is true when your mobile app takes off such that you are suddenly faced with more work than you can handle, such as customer support issues and development issues for your next app. You can let the publishing house build, publish and promote your existing app, which will free up your time while also letting the revenues come in.

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