Climbing the powerful Mount Everest remains among the most demanding tests of human endurance; a feat which any who conquers is certain to cherish for the rest of their life. With the price of climbing into the top often spiraling to more than 20,000, it surely proves out of reach for most of us. The opportunity to climb into the famous base camp, however, isn’t out of reach, with several treks happening throughout the year.Everest base camp Helicopter tour is new activities on Nepal’s ever-growing agenda of items to do. Tours kick off from Kathmandu airport and you receive your own privately charted helicopter thrown into the offer. The helicopters will seat four to five individuals and you will need that many to make the trip cost-effective, place frankly, a helicopter flight doesn’t come cheaply.

But alas your bucks are well spent, envision flying into the core of the Khumbu, touching down, drinking a beer with a local Sherpa, shooting your trophy picture of Mount Everest then flying back to your five-star hotel in Kathmandu. Phew, what more could you need and you didn’t even have to break out in a sweat getting there! .Heli-tours give you a bird’s eye view of Kathmandu’s spectacular architecture and world heritage listed sights in addition to the verdant farming lands surrounding the town, the rolling landscapes of the Chepang hills right down to the apartment Teri and Chitwan National Park. By Kathmandu, you can book These Heli-tours Of Kathmandu Heli-sightseeing – a half an hour excursion that flies you across town and to the scenic hill station of Nagarkot at which you touch down at the exclusive Club Himalaya for morning tea and magnificent views of the Himalaya.

Land in the park and see the elephant breeding center, before flying back to Kathmandu along the Trishuli river and in the foothills of the Himalaya. Heli-trekking allows you to go through the vibrant scenery and beauty of the Himalaya and fulfill the culturally rich people that live there without actually trekking days on end. In an hour Kathmandu, you can easily be in the Center of the Himalaya

It may seem a silly proposal but the main item of all is a decent pair of walking boots, the last thing you want on your trek is to held thanks to a couple of nasty blisters on your toes. Make sure you buy your boots a few weeks before you set-off, that way you could always wear them so they adapt to the contours of your feet; ensuring you don’t get any nasty surprises along the way. Insoles will also be advised, providing added protection and cushioning for your feet if you want it the most.

The times can see shining sunshine, meaning that the last things that you would like to be wearing are thick pants and a jacket. But it’s the complete reverse in the evening, where the trials welcome freezing temperatures and piercing winds. It’s important to bring a down coat and thermal underwear to keep you warm in the nighttime, though a few pairs of shorts and a few t-shirts are needed to help you make the most of the times trekking.

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