Who knew that you could get a taste of Nepal right here in Melbourne without the hassle of the travel to South Asia? Sure, Asian food and restaurants can be found all over the City but not with the unique flavors and recipes that come from Nepal.

If you haven’t tried Nepalese food before, it is a delicious blending of South Asian dishes with the freshest ingredients. Some recipes are vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are also increasing in popularity. The classic momo is a pan-fried pork dumpling which is great for a starter. You then have to try another favorite – goat curry. This is traditionally made with cumin and coriander spicing and in a rich curry sauce.

Some of the best places to eat in Melbourne are Asian and Chinese restaurants, but when you are ready for a real treat you have to try Mandala Restaurant and Bar in South Yarra. Their Nepalese recipes, excellent service, and continuing innovation to classic menu items have them ranked in The Age Good Food Guide for 2011 as one of the top five Best Ethnic Cuisines. They have had this prestige for a couple of years now, so it’s pretty clear they know what they’re doing.

Being a top Melbourne restaurant isn’t an easy feat. We are spoiled with heaps of excellent restaurants and Asian restaurants probably have the highest percentage in the City. Most of the best restaurants in Melbourne don’t have delivery and you have to make your bookings far in advance. Mandala Restaurant and Bar offer their great menu for food delivery and are happy to fit your into their cozy environment when you call.

Of course with the holidays coming up, you want to plan in advance for any restaurant booking as much as possible. Most restaurants will open up their hours to include lunchtime service as well as function rooms for group bookings. Be sure to check out the restaurant menu either online or at the location itself as many restaurants will create special holiday recipes and menus that are a must to try out.

The holiday season is a great time to try out new restaurants. With all the specials and holiday parties happening, you’re sure to get a taste for new recipes and flavors, and the Nepalese food at Mandala Restaurant and bar should be on your list. Whether it’s an office party or a night out with your partner, Mandala will be sure to live up to the top ranking as the best restaurant in Melbourne.

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