Do you like survival horror games? If you’re a fan of this genre, surely you love the tension and adrenaline sensation running through your veins while you try to survive an environment full of dangers. But what’s the perfect recipe to get the best survival horror game? Zombies, action, puzzles, horrific bosses at the end of each level and above all, a lot of realism. No survival horror game can be successful without combining these key aspects in its history. However, perhaps attention to detail is what makes survival horror an unparalleled experience.

Most gamers like the excess action that has made popular games like Doom, The Last of Us and Resident Evil. Games like this can raise your adrenaline to maximum levels, especially if you play alone and in a dark room. Of course, many others aren’t fans of strong emotions and prefer a game that puts their neurons to work. Like those games where you must collect things and solve puzzles to achieve progress to the next level. This 2019, several games have been promoted in social networks that promise to keep us stuck to the screens of our TV’s for a long time. However, there’s one that has immediately caught gamers’ attention for its gameplay, hyperrealistic graphics and fascinating story. We’re talking about Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus isn’t like any other survival horror game. It’s not the typical mix of blood, zombies and paranormal creatures that we usually find in each single game of this genre. Metro Exodus is based on the literary works of the famous writer and journalist Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro Exodus tells the story of a group of people that survives a huge nuclear attack against Russia.

The intention of all of them is to search for survivors in Moscow and other important cities to save them from annihilation orchestrated by a secret society. During the game, you shall put into the skin of Artyom, a rebel soldier who must risk his life to save innocent people.

Along the way, you’ll find threats that will test your ability to survive. In addition to being a first-person shooter, Metro Exodus allows you to plan your own strategy to avoid being detected by the enemy. In addition, it gives you the possibility to interact with other characters and make decisions, opening the possibility of having several different endings. Each decision can lead you to lose one of your companions. Unfortunately, you can’t save them all during the story, although you can keep alive those who guarantee your own survival.

Designers of Metro Exodus put special care in the design of scenarios. These are quite wide, which allows non-linear gameplay. Open field scenarios allow you to discover new things with each new game you start. You could spend hours detailing all the elements that are part of the complex scenarios inspired by the Russian tundra.

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