When you are heading to a new country, the boarding airline usually asks for a proof of onward travel. At the arriving airport, the immigration officers also ask for a return or onward ticket.

If you are unsure of where you will be heading next, booking a return or onward ticket can be difficult. Especially if you are a digital nomad or traveling long term, it’s difficult to know your next destination several weeks in advance.

The airline’s staff at the check-in insist on showing a return or onward flight ticket. You will be denied boarding if you are not in possession of an onward or return flight ticket. But, how can you get a return or onward ticket if you are not sure where you will be heading next? 01. Book a flight ticket with 24-hour FREE cancellation from online booking websites

02. Book a flight ticket with 24-hour FREE cancellation from airline websites

03. Rent an onward flight ticket from online travel agents The above two options require you to pay for the flight ticket upfront. Though you will get a full refund, you have to pay for the ticket first from your own pocket.

If you are strapped of cash or you don’t want to pay the full price of the ticket upfront, you can use an online travel agent. These online travel agents will pay for the ticket on your behalf and get you a flight ticket. They will cancel the ticket within 24/48 hours on your behalf. But, they will charge a fee for this service.

Below are some of the online travel agents and their fee.

Onward Ticket Visa ( https://onwardticketvisa.com ) – Price $9 USD

Ticket valid for 48 – 96 hours

Instant booking

04. Book a cheap throwaway flight ticket from budget airlines

05. Get a fake airline ticket

This is an extremely risky option. So, use this option only at your own risk.

There are a few online fake airline ticket generators. These tools generate a fake flight ticket that looks like an actual booking. These bookings are not real and cannot be verified.

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