You might have imagined a seamless online hosting experience where your web service works perfectly fine and does not cost much, however, dreams are far from reality for you. There might be varied problems as a result of which you might want to switch your web host. Possibly, you might have found an excellent package for the registration of your web domain.

There are various reasons you might need to switch your website to another host. An alternate web host might be offering you a low rate plan, or you might not feel content with the initial host’s services. Irrespective of the scenario; the procedure to transfer the domain is quite simple and does not consume much of your time. It might require some effort, but ultimately you will have a better web hosting service at a better cost!

In this article further, we are going to discuss the steps and procedures to transfer your web host in detail. Let us list out the steps required to transfer your website to another hosting service.

Pick a Host That Offers Free Transfer of Host

Individuals have the liberty to choose from a myriad of web hosting services available. In this world, where web hosting services are necessary for every website, choosing an excellent web hosting service is quite essential. Not only does it have certain benefits, but it is available at affordable costs and does not ask for much maintenance.

Choose the one which offers free transfer from another host. A lot of them do because they want to attract new customers and start at a good note. Offering free services is one of the best ways to do that, however, do not get fooled easily. Make sure you verify the fact that there are no hidden charges.

A2 Hosting, Green Geeks, Inter Server, In Motion Hosting, and TMD Hosting are some of the great options for providing free web host transfer.

Select The Suitable Plan or Package offered by The New Host

Choose the plan which suits you the most. Just make sure that you study all the features they offer properly and then decide if they provide value for their cost. There are several plans and packages offered by web hosting services. You can choose the option which suits you the most in various hosting companies like Hostinger Coupons, BigRock Promo code, Godaddy offers, and much more.

Some factors that could be considered while making a choice are your level of experience, the speed required, the scale of your organization, backup and security features, cost and plans, etc. It is recommended to choose the one which is cost-effective as well as easy to manage. As the scale of the website goes up, the cost will go up too, but make sure that you are getting the services that have enough value considering the amount you are paying.

Transfer All the Data Files And Email Accounts Associated with the website

This the simplest step of all where you just need to download all the data and files of the website from the previous host and upload them all to the new one you are switching to. Moving a massive website might take some extra effort from your end. The time and effort may vary depending upon the size and quantity of your data and files. If you want to initiate the process a lot more quickly and easily, you can use an FTP service or agent that will do the job for you.

Transfer The DataBase To The New Host

You have to export the database associated with your old host website and import it to the new one to kickstart the transfer process. This step can be carried out easily through the control panel, if any.

If by any chance, you are using a content management system, you would be required to install specific applications to carry out the procedure of export and import. Although some content management systems provide a direct option to make this transfer, you may have to take the other way if yours does not.

Do The Final Check And TroubleShooting

Check properly if all the features and services are working properly on the new host. If you face any difficulties; try troubleshooting by doing the database transfer again. It is recommended to try disabling and enabling the plug-ins that might solve your problem too. Reload the site each time you make a change so that you can verify if the edit has taken place or not.


Although transferring from one host to another is a simple and easy process, it might take a long time to get completed. There are a whole lot of approvals that you would be required to take to complete the process of the domain transfer correctly. It is hence recommended to get in touch with a professional service provider to help you with the service. Moving your website to another host might require some effortFree Articles, but it will be worth it when you get better services.

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