You can play almost any video and audio file without the conversion of formats by choosing the best media player for Android.

Free Professional Video and Audio Players for Android

The default player that comes with your Android device might be simple but it can play a specific number of formats and also lacks basic features like Resume Viewing and you can’t even get great quality sound and visuals while playing videos. Luckily, there are lots of free media players available for Android to improve your viewing experience. You can choose from simple players to highly advanced ones to tweak different video and audio settings.

It is not easy to choose the best media player that can play both audio and video files. We have come up with some of the best media players for android.

  1. Rocks Player

Rocks Player is the ultra HD video and audio player which is fast and easy to use. It is designed to support different video formats like MKV, MPEG, MP4, 4K, and 8K. So, you can easily play HD and ultra HD videos on your device. There are unique features of Rocks Player.

You can sort videos from Genre, Albums, Artist, and Search and Manage track, create a playlist, and a recent playlist. You can also sort online videos with categories like news, music, sports, tech, comedy, etc. to search and play. There are also different themes available and you can also switch to Night Mode. You can also access photos from your device. Some of the other cool features of this media player are subtitle search, dual audio, playback speed, PIP mode, easy brightness, and volume control.

  1. MediaMonkey

It is another great video and music player but it is mainly based on music. It also has a desktop version to enjoy video and music and sync your data from phone to computer. It is capable of supporting most video and audio formats apart from some extra features like podcasts and audiobooks. It also has Chromecast Support, Android Auto support, sleep timer, widget, and others. It is a fully-featured music player that can also play videos. 

  1. MiXplorer Silver

This is actually a file browser with inbuilt media features. Though its main focus is file browsing, it can also play audio and video files. With VLC codecs, it goes a step ahead by supporting most audio and video formats. It has native PDF file support. SO, you can also open some eBooks with it. This player is one of its kinds and you can easily play media without any problem.

  1. ASD Music and Video Player

ASD Music and Video Player is the new standard when it comes to media capabilities. It is capable of supporting several widely used audio and video formats. Some of the extras are equalizer with support for Wear OS and bass boost, theme options, and a file browser. The main issue here is that this app has some ads. You need to buy a premium version to remove ads.

  1. VLC for Android

It is one of the most widely used media players for Android. You can even access DVD ISO files using this app. It supports a variety of codecs like music, online streams, and other types of media files. It also supports both video and audio file formats.

  1. Plex

It is a great media player for Android but all media files don’t play on its own with this app. You need to create a server on home PC and stream your favorite music or video to your device. If you like, you can also cast media to Chromecast or simply watch it on your device. It serves many purposes. The best thing is that you can free up your device space by keeping everything on your PC. The problem is that it is not that user friendly. But it works pretty well and supports all media formats.

Bottom Line

These days, there are plenty of media players that can support different media formats. The key here is to choose the one which is user friendly. If you are looking for media players that can play both video and music, you are in the right place. We hope the above recommendations will help you. If you have any queries about the best music player for Android or the best video player for AndroidBusiness Management Articles, feel free to ask us.

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Rocks Video Player is the best Ultra HD Video Player for Android that supports 4K video and all other video formats. Click here to know more about its features.