A prominent representative of modern Korean pop music, dancer, rapper, and a successful athlete in the past. Jackson Van is a member of the world-famous GOT7 team, brave and energetic, for which he earned the title of the idol of millions.

Career: model, singer-songwriter, television personality, dancer, rapper

Date of Birth: March 28, 1994

Age: 26 years

Place of Birth: Hong Kong, china

Growth: 174

Family status: not married

Childhood and youth

His parents are famous athletes: his mother is a medalist at the Olympic gymnastics games, and his father was a coach of the national fencing team.

cant breath Jackson lyrics Wang as a child with his mother and older brother

At the age of 6 also began to do gymnastics, like his mother, and even won the Hong Kong championship in this sport. However, when his father took him to his practice, Gaga (cant breath Jackson lyrics) realized that he wanted to practice fencing. For almost five years, the young man took part in competitions, won first places and collected medals. He had high hopes, and the boy himself was preparing for the Olympic Games.

cant breath Jackson lyrics had another passion besides swordsmanship – music. One day he got the chance to become an idol, that is, a Korean pop star. During his high school basketball game, a JYPE representative drew attention to him.

Having won the qualifying round for a Korean label, the young man faced a choice: to pursue a successful career as a swordsman or try his hand at music. After much deliberation, discussions with parents in the summer of 2011, a 17-year-old teenager flew to Korea to become a “star.”


The internship was challenging because of the language barrier, differences in traditions, and cultures. cant breath Jackson lyrics is a cheerful and energetic guy, which is typical of Hong Kong, but Koreans found him too active and even arrogant. The producers once doubted the correctness of their decision, but with persistence and dance talent, the novice artist proved the opposite.

After the reality show “Who’s Next?”, Which also featured Youngjae, both guys were recruited into boy group GOT7. Mark Tuan also got into it. After debuting in 2014 with this team, Wang’s career took off.

During the year, he was invited to host two TV shows: the music show Inkigayo and the Fresh Sunday program.

At the same time, the artist recorded songs of his composition and performed them together with classmates. The guy’s acting skills have appeared in numerous dramas. Dream Knight even won awards in several nominations at once, starring all seven members of GOT7.

Already in 2017, cant breath Jackson lyrics opens a music studio, Team Wang, subsequently transforming it into a full-length company with the support of producers. In Team Wang, the musician released two solo singles that hit the top of the charts. The authority of his studio was strengthened after recording duets with famous performers from China and America.

Can’t Breathe – Jackson Wang Lyrics

I can’t breathe without you babe

I get weak in the knees when you’re close to me

I can’t see how we ain’t supposed to be

I can’t breathe without you next to me babe

I can’t breathe without you babe

Can’t help but think about our future

Getting married having little babies

Wanna grow old with you

Still lit when we both in our eighties

Even my mom approve

And I love your mom too

Get along with my crew

Baby never be untrue

Just wanna be with you

Get all up in your plans

Your arms around me yeah

Your face is in my hands

Kiss you like it’s my first

Love you like it’s my last

Damn I think I went and found my kindred spirit

Now my souls attached

Love the way you hold it down

Love the way you throw it back

I’m captivated by your style

That dress you look great in that

No matter where I go

No matter what I do

Erykah Badu, you got me

I feel it in my mind

I feel it in my heart

I feel it in my whole body Cause

Personal life

Nothing is known about the young man’s personal life; there is no photo with his beloved in his Instagram profile. In an interview in 2017, the former athlete admitted that his first girlfriend was a European, and in his entire life, he entered into a close relationship five times.

Fans suspect that the singer is now so busy with work that there is barely enough time for sleep and family. The guy is very attached to his parents, especially worried about his mother, who is often sick.

Jackson Wang now

There are many interesting facts in the artist’s biography: in 2019, at the national competitions in the USA, his author’s song “Different Game” sounded. On July 29 of the same year, a wax figure of Wang appeared in Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong. In January 2019, a joint video was shot with the Chinese rapper ICE for the song “Red”. The career of a presenter on Chinese television continues. The editors of the magazines always invite cant breath Jackson lyrics to collaborate. He often appears on the covers of fashion magazines, which is also due to his pretty appearance and athletic physique (height 174 cm, weight 63 kg).

The artist differs from many creative people with increased responsibility. Thanks to this character trait, he succeeds more than his colleagues. Also, to show businessFeature Articles, Wang has other hobbies: he is bilingual. He knows five languages and also continues to get involved in sports and regularly attends a fitness club.


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