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12 Minute Affiliate Review

12 Minute Affiliate Review
Ease Of Use9.3
Customer Ratings:4 Votes8.7
Great system if your new to affiliate marketing.

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System in a Nutshell

Affiliate marketing is a big industry. Therefore learning how to promote other peoples products online can pay lots of money. 12 Minute Affiliate will help you learn how to market other people’s products online.  Essentially an affiliate marketer promotes products that belong to other companies, in return for doing this the affiliate earns a commission on every sale he or she generates. Simple, you might think. But not so fast, this type of marketing is very competitive, and there are millions of people doing affiliate marketing online. So how do you succeed in such an environment? With the 12 minute affiliate system, all you have to do is drive website visitors to a link, and this system will take care of the rest.


What does the 12 minute affiliate system do with the traffic you send?

1. It sends your visitors to a custom-made landing page based on their demographic.
2. It collects the visitor’s email.
3. It sends tailored emails to the lead — these emails made by professional copywriters are proven to convert leads into buyers.
4. An autoresponder kicks in, and your visitors are sent emails regularly but don’t worry this is a newsletter, and the recipient can opt out, so the process is 100% legit.
5. A tracking system will give you statistics on every visitor you get, tracking the progress until the visitor purchases the product you promote.
6. You get a huge commission that can be up to 75%. Some products even generate ongoing monthly commission.


But what if you don’t know how to send visitors to your link?

Don’t worry the 12 minute affiliate system also has a course on how to drive free website traffic to your link!

The sales page says you can make $460 a day with this system. Is this true?

I have done my share of affiliate marketing, and I can say this for sure; If you invest time in generating free traffic to this system, you can earn way more than $460 a day. But let’s say you only spend 12 minutes a day. I estimate you can easily make $75 to $100 per day within a few weeks. But nothing stops you from spending 12 minutes here and there throughout your day, in this case, you can earn much more money.
12 Minute Affiliate Review
I recommend this system to anyone new to affiliate marketing. You won’t have to worry about all the technicalities of converting a lead into a customer. All you will need to do is focus on driving quality traffic to your link.
Visit the official website at: www.12minuteaffiliate.com




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