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1 Month Vegan Challenge Review

1 Month Vegan Challenge Review
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A great challenge to lose weight and feel healthy.

1 Month Vegan Challenge – Is it Worth the Hype?

Are you planning to get healthy by focusing your eating attention on plants instead of animals? Do you feel like you need to substitute your regular diet with a plant-based diet? Are you tired of struggling with chicken, beef, eggs and other animal products? Then maybe you should try joining this one-month vegan challenge.

What are the benefits of the
1 Month Vegan Challenge?

Some people become vegans just for the fun of it. These sets just want to focus on being able to take and sustain a challenge. Most times, they plan to join the challenge for a short period, although some end up becoming full-time vegans. Then there are the other people who become vegans because of the numerous benefits associated with being vegan. The last sets of vegans are the ones who do it for morality sake. They are mostly full-time vegans. They believe that eating animal products is not a good moral practice.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that being vegan comes with a lot of health benefits. Some of these benefits include;

  1. A generally healthier lifestyle.
  2. Reduced risk of illnesses like stroke, obesity, hypertension and numerous cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Increased mortality rate of animals
  4. Saving the environment by preventing pollution and climatic changes associated with meat production processes.
  5. Higher energy rate.
  6. It helps keep people in shape and makes weight loss faster.
  7. Improved quality of the skin.

While we are discussing benefits, let us not forget that a vegan diet is extremely delicious. Vegans are coming up with more and more creative methods to make their food taste good, without having to remind them of non-vegan meals.

The 1 Month Vegan Challenge

Just like the name implies. This challenge involves dropping all non-vegan meals for 30 days. After a lot of people tried this challenge, there was a good conversion rate as people were able to see the benefits associated. The vegan challenge is done to improve health, and a number of positive results have been recorded from this challenge. Some people had a massive weight reduction, and others had clearer skin, improved energy level, and so many other benefits.

Why you should try the 1 Month Vegan Challenge

This is not a competition but can be said to be a learning experience based on different modules. Consumers are not competing with anyone but themselves. It is an experience that challenges you to go the extra mile in order to remain healthy.  Within the 30 days, consumers who partake in this unique challenge learn how to follow a proper vegan lifestyle. Cravings are duly suppressed during the period. Once a consumer or user joins the 30 days vegan challenge, and the user is expected not to eat any bi-products or animal products, products like meat, chicken, eggs, milk, seafood, or honey are not consumed during this period. This may be quite difficult, especially during the first few days as these products are the regular products consumed on a daily basis by non-vegans.

Recommended meals for the
1 Month Vegan Challenge

Oats, Dark Chocolate, Soy yoghurt, Vegetables, Eggless mayonnaise, pasta, rice, Mushroom, Green Salad, Fresh fruits.

The modules that are included in this vegan challenge are;

  1. Meal Plans: In the first module, a detailed plan showing ideas that can be used for meals is provided. Shopping lists and meal planners are also added to enable the consumer shop properly. The meals are purely vegan, laden with the required nutrients that can be found in a complete diet meal.
  2. Vegan Starter Pack: Here, various recipes and cooking instructions are given. As a new vegan, the cooking methods and ingredients required to make meals can be challenging. This pack will guide you in details on what to do.
  3. Macronutrients: It is important to consume your macros in the right proportion. Usually, we require more of macronutrients and less micronutrients. The main macros are; carbohydrate, fats and protein. Tracking the amount of macros consumed is essential for proper bodybuilding. By getting the exact amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat you need, you can calculate and plan your macros properly. This is what you will learn in the third module.
  4. Supplements: Vegans do not just live on food. They are also expected to consume supplements, especially the ones engaging in workout sessions during the period. This module will show the right amount of supplements and the particular supplements that should be consumed.
  5. Social living: During the period of the challenge, you do not have to remain at home to avoid breaking your challenge. You may be invited to a general party, or you may be required to eat out. You need to know the right food choices to make. This module will give you tips that will help you choose wisely.

Getting Started

After deciding to begin the challenge, the next important step is to get the necessary modules that will guide you throughout the period. Find a vegan module worth investing money in and place your orders. The moment you receive your orders which should not be more than a couple of days, you can start the challenge.

From the previous one-month vegan challenge reviews, you do not need an expert to guide you through this process. A good book or vegan program that is self-explanatory can help you fulfil your vegan goals.


1 Month Vegan Challenge Reviews

There are so many benefits associated with taking up this challenge. Some of the benefits are observed just 7 days into the challenge. So many people have testified to improved living standard and health benefits associated with this challenge. There have been customer reviews of tremendous weight loss following decreased intake of saturated fats. Some people complained that the transition process was very difficult, but a good vegan challenge menu makes it easier.

Even though you do not wish to fully become vegan, trying the 30-day challenge from time to time will not be a bad idea at all. In no time, you will begin to see results that will amaze you, and the primary purpose of healthy living will be fulfilled.


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