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1 Click Niche Builder Review

1 Click Niche Builder Review
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Generate content for your site or blog on auto pilot.


1 Click Niche Builder is a software created by OJ James launched in November 2018.


How does it work?


It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create content automatically. Let me explain, with WordPress you can publish articles and videos on a daily basis. This content gets indexed in search engines and it is visible to viewers searching for keywords in google bing or yahoo. It takes a lot of time to create content. Of course, you could just copy and paste any article you find on the web. But good luck with that because it’s not legal. The solution is to use content that is open to anyone to use. Such content can be found on article websites. The author gives you permission to use its content as long as you keep the links inside intact and you give him or her the credit. Generating content like that can be done manually but because of duplicate content most posts get flagged and are not indexed. This is where a plugin like 1 Click Niche Builder comes in handy. Even if let’s say only 5% of your articles get indexed in search engines, you’ll get lots of visits because you’ll be able to post hundreds of posts on autopilot everyday.


To maximize your results I suggest you use niches that are original and uncommon. This way you are almost certain to get original content. Let’s say you choose the niche “how to train your dog” you will get more results than “how to make money online” because the dog niche is unique and not saturated you have more chances of ranking because there is less competition in this niche. You can also use long tail keywords as your blog titles, but that requires a bit of fine-tuning.


So the big question is can you make money with this WordPress plugin? You will definitely get website traffic, I have seen similar plugins generating thousands of hits per day from search engines. And website traffic usually = sales. Can you make $400 a day? You would have to find the right niches.


How hard is it to use?


WordPress in its self is pretty easy to use. Activating a plugin and using it is pretty simple. So I would say if you have basic computer skills you can use this product. You definitely don’t need any programming skills.


How much is it?


You can get the starter package for a one time fee of $25.97 and its all guaranteed to work. You’ll have 30 days to ask for a refund.


Still interested? Then click the following link to get access to the original website:



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